Storage and organization ideas for nursery

Creative Storage Ideas for Nursery

One of the biggest challenges faced by most new-parents [besides sleep deprivation and the constant influx of dirty diapers] is managing storage space in their baby’s room. Creating a basic storage space for the new baby is already difficult because of one’s inability to anticipate exactly how much space they’ll need [always more], but doing it creatively is an even bigger challenge. Your Instagram feeds might be filled with baby nurseries that look like a dream, but the ugly truth is that not all of them are practical. So we decided to dig deeper and explore the several ways you could neatly, creatively and safely accommodate everything that the new baby wants and needs in their room with our creative storage ideas for nursery rooms.

Some suggestions in this blog will be ideas for creating new storage spaces, while others will be more in the realm of tips on how to truly benefit from storage options that you’ve already created in the nursery. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve just started planning your baby’s nursery, or if the baby is already here and you’re in desperate need to be creative with storage… and fast. We’ve got you covered.

Cribs with Built-in Storage

Cribs with Creative Storage

This is a no-brainer. If you have just started planning or decorating your baby’s nursery, odds are you going to need a crib [unless you intend to use a sibling’s crib – that’s something we will cover shortly]. If you are in need of a new crib, try to get one with built-in storage. While the look of a crib with a built-in storage is a lot bulkier than that of a no-frills crib, it is a lot more functional than the latter. Get a crib that has a combination of storage spaces – drawers, open shelves and cabinets. Drawers are great for stashing small items, without having to worry about immediate sorting and folding. 

Open shelves are great for storing diapers, burp cloths and dirty laundry. Cabinets are great to store lotions, medicines, toiletries and sanitation supplies. Since the crib is already a bulky item, incorporating storage options in the same space is a good way of maximizing the often limited room in a nursery.

Changing Table with Storage

Creative Storage Ideas for Baby Nurseries

If your dream crib is one without storage, or if your baby is inheriting one without storage, you can create additional storage with a changing table. Much like in the case of cribs with storage, getting a changing table with good storage space underneath it, saves space and is extremely functional. We have often talked about how wasteful the idea of a dedicated changing table is, but if it is doubling as a storage space, we are all on board with it. Unlike in the case of a crib, the advantage of having storage within a changing station is that because of its height, a changing table allows you the provision of having a hanging closet underneath it.

Hang Metal Buckets

Creative Storage Baby room ideas

Next on our list of creative storage ideas for nursery rooms are buckets! Metal buckets are fun, rustic ways of introducing creative storage options in the room. You can paint them or leave them in their element; either way, they make a great way to store items like toy blocks, colors or even dirty laundry. We would advise against placing these buckets on the floor, because sometimes they tend to have sharp or uneven edges that can hurt the child while they’re playing.

Rods Under Floating Shelves for Hanging Clothes

Creative Baby Room Storage Ideas

Hanging options for clothes is a good idea, because it saves you the hassle of folding them, and makes everything look comparatively accessible (drawers and shelves always have some things that get neglected under or behind other items). Most clothes you can hang – shirts, frocks, rompers and onesies – so that exempts you from folding 80 percent of the laundry. So a good way of creating a storage space is by hanging a rod underneath floating shelves. If you have a wall to spare, and intend to populate it with floating shelves, have these shelves double as roofs for a hanging section for your baby’s favorite tops, jackets, cardigans or onesies – items they’re most comfortable in, or ones they wear most regularly. 

Furniture-Mounted Organizers

Creative Storage Ideas for Baby Room

Some people might find these tacky, but we find them absolutely on brand with baby nurseries – a space that always has room for some quirkiness. People love the aesthetics of purpose built furniture, or customized shelves, but there is something very fun and playful about mounted organizers. When mounted on the side of cribs, cupboards and cabinets, they instantly add layers to your existing storage options. You can use these organizers for ointments, diapers or that old phone that the baby loves to play with while you change them. And best of all, it comes at a fraction of the price of a fixed storage unit which is why it made our list of storage ideas for nursery rooms. An extension of this option is a hanging organizer that can be placed inside a wardrobe, and provides an instant fix for any shortage of shelves.

Old Dressers as Changing Tables

Baby Room Storage Tips

It seems, one of the best things to come out of the pandemic is the surge in upscaled household items. People took the time they were in isolation to really tap into their creative sides, and revamped old furniture pieces in ways that essentially breathed life back into them. So while the idea of using old cupboards or dressers as changing tables was previously only an option when there were none, now it can be a deliberate choice. Let Pinterest be your guide, and explore all the beautiful ways you can use that dusty old cupboard that’s wasting away in the basement.

Storage Canopies

Creative Baby Nursery Storage Ideas

Canopies are a popular way of accessorising the area in the crib’s proximity. It gives an illusion of fantasy and helps create the perfect setting for cozy naps, adventurous roleplay games and exciting storytime. So you will see a lot of nurseries these days, boasting canopies in them. However, you could go a step further and make it a bit more practical, and have pockets stitched on them. This way, you can get your baby’s room to look dreamy, and make it as functional as possible.

Ladders for Blankets/Clothes

Creative Storage Ideas for Baby Rooms

Next, on our list of creative storage ideas for nursery rooms is ladders. This is an option mainly for blankets, towels or crib sheets – items that are simple to fold, and big enough to hang over the steps of a ladder. Using ladders for storage is similar to using a rod for storage, but unlike a single rod, a ladder provides multiple levels of hanging space that can be used inside the room, or even inside a walk-in closet. You can, of course, choose to hang baby clothes from the rungs as well, but given their size and shape, they are likely to slip off. In any case, once the baby grows older, they can use it for playtime as well. Be sure to secure the ladder safely so it can’t fall over because as the baby gets older and starts crawling and walking, it can become a hazard if not secured properly.

Reinvent Bookcases

Storage Tips for Baby Rooms

IKEA bookcases need to be given some credit. Not only because 100% of their wood comes from sustainable resources, but also because they are so versatile. Of course you don’t have to choose IKEA, you can opt for any eco-friendly brand that creates classic bookcases. The advantage of a bookcase of this sort is that you can use it to house a variety of things. You can keep books, toys, trays and drawers, bags, baskets, shoes – basically anything that you want to be easily accessible. You can customize these bookcases with decals or adhesive decorative paper, and make it to complement the room’s theme or color palette. 

Incorporate Floating Cubbies

Creatuve Storage Tips for Baby Nurseries

We briefly mentioned floating shelves in our point about hanging rods, but it goes without saying that these storage options are so simple and practical and one of our favorite storage ideas for nursery rooms. The best thing about floating cubbies, shelves or wall-units is that they provide two levels of storage in a single option. Depending on what you store in them, floating storage units can also double as wall decorations. They are some of the unsung heroes in the storage community – classic, versatile and perfectly functional. 

A few words of caution. First, make sure the units are tightly and safely secured to the wall, and that you know their weight limit. Another factor that you should be mindful of is the height at which you fix them. Don’t place too low, or they’ll be a constant hazard for the little one. Keep in mind that the baby will grow taller, so you’ll need to place the shelves at a height where the corners don’t pose danger to them.

Use Tote Bags for Storage

Baby Room Storage Ideas

Storage totes are another fun way to create some storage without taking up additional real estate. You can hang them up on walls, and if your walls are already overwhelmed, the doors will be happy to help. The best thing about tote bags is that they are wide-bottomed, spacious, and have long, sturdy handles to hold things like toys, laundry and unsorted clothes. So this is a creative way to put any tote bag you may have lying around in the house to work.

Create Storage Under Crib

Creative Storage Ideas for Nurseries

While some might be wary of suggesting this as an option, an option it still is. If your baby’s crib has space underneath it, find drawers that fit the space to make use of it as storage. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate arrangement. It could be a trundle drawer, a tray or even a basket; basically something you can slide out from under. This space can be used to store a plethora of things – from shoes, to crib sheets, diaper supplies or even that secret stash of chocolates and chips, to lull the pain of waking up in the middle of the night.

Use Pegboards and Sliding Overhead Garage Bins

Creative Storage Ideas for Baby Rooms

Our last creative storage idea for nursery rooms are peg boards, which are a nifty way of having an eccentric little space on the wall that serves multiple purposes. It can be decorative, have a shelf or two for storage, host pictures and messages. They add a playful element to the character of the room, with their dynamism and ability to be regularly customized.

While they are very different, we put sliding garage storage units in this section because like pegboards, they too are often relegated to garages or a tool shed. So, if you really need to create additional storage in the room, you can choose to place overhead storage bins in wardrobes, or in the bathroom. These bins are pretty big, so you can use to store a lot of things, especially things like outgrown clothes, toys you want to put away for good, or even backup supplies for baby supplies, toiletries etc. 

Quick Tips

  • Make sure everything is securely fastened to the walls
  • Be on the lookout for toys that can double as storage
  • Try to repurpose as much old furniture as possible
  • Always maintain a separate storage for dirty laundry
  • Switch up storage options
  • Try to use everything but the floor for storage – unless absolutely necessary

These are some of the fun, creative and unique ways of switching up storage spaces in a baby’s room that we could think of. Of course, the possibilities are endless. The idea is to be as prepared as possible, because babies do require A LOT of space. You go through clothes really quickly, and keeping a baby entertained often requires a “variety of tools”. That being said, try not to get too anxious – just be prepared.


Happy Nesting!

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