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Environmentally Friendly Activities for Children

Parenting is no simple task. Each and every parent faces some kind of challenge while striving to be the ‘perfect’ parent. With new parenting approaches being talked about almost every other day, most parents feel overwhelmed while adopting or experimenting with different parenting practices.

Along with the proper parenting techniques, children have an array of activities, be they educational or recreational, to engage in. For environmentally-conscious parents, raising children in a setting that promotes eco-friendly is always a top priority. If you are struggling to find ‘green,’ eco-friendly activities for your children to indulge in, worry not! We have an extensive list of interactive activities that are not only eco-friendly but also fun.

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Litter Collection for a Cleaner Environment

Organize a small litter collecting drive for your children and their friends. Pick a local area, such as a park or beach, to learn and gather the necessary supplies like gloves, green trash bags, wipes, etc. Educate them along the way on the importance of keeping the environment clean and about the harmful effects that pollution can have on the lives of humans and animals.

Make Eco-Friendly Sustainable Bags

Over 300 million tonnes of toxic waste that are produced annually is plastics, with plastic bags being one of the top contributors. Instead of using plastic or buying eco-friendly bags from the market, involve your children and create your own ‘green’ bags at home. Select a sustainable fabric and follow these easy tutorials to make your own homemade reusable bag. Take these bags with you when you go grocery shopping or to the mall.


Learn Recycling

Help your children learn the importance of recycling by playing an engaging game. Set up separate bins with labels for each type of recycling item inside your house. Encourage your children to place each of the items in the proper containers. You can additionally keep a score of the recycled items, whether the children have selected the correct bin or who placed the most things to make the game more interesting.

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Build a Garden

One of the most effective, fun, and simple activities you can engage in as a family with your children is gardening. Choose a space in your own backyard or an area in your neighborhood that could do so with some fresh greenery. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the natural growing conditions in your city and discover which plants are native to your locality. Not to forget, it is a great way for children to be responsible when they care for the plants they have sowed and watch them grow.


Create Art

One of the most fun activities that children lose to do is making art and crafts. It was an excellent opportunity for them to express their creativity. However, most art products, such as paints and crayons, are made from toxic components that might be harmful to the environment. Instead of using commercial art items, consider involving your children and making your own do-it-yourself art supplies and letting your imagination flow.

Time in Nature

What better way to become more environmentally conscious than spending time with mother nature? Take out time frequently as a family and spend some quality moments in the great outdoors. Whether taking a leisurely walk in a neighborhood park or going on a picnic, nature can be quite relaxing and rejuvenating. Let your children play outside and observe the countless bounties that nature has to offer.

Read ‘Green’ Books

Books are a great way to learn more about the environment. From plants to animals, planets to science, there are several printed and online books available that are not only age-appropriate but fascinating to read. Most of these books are written keeping the child’s level of understanding in mind and thus are easy to comprehend. Discover some of the best children’s books and stories to help them learn about sustainability and eco-friendliness.


Eco-Friendly Transportation, Riding Bicycles

Passenger vehicles contribute a great deal towards land and air pollution. In fact, according to The Environmental Protection Agency. they cause 75% of the United States’ total carbon monoxide pollution. Rather than running errands in your car, consider taking out bicycles and going on a ride with your children. Not only are bikes safe for the environment as they produce no harmful emissions, but they are also an ideal way to exercise and spend time outdoors.

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