How to Handle and Care for Twins

As a parent, especially a mother, having one child seems super overwhelming. Now imagine having twins! It’s double the work and may give you double the stress before delivery. However, nothing is impossible, and we have some tips to make your experience more manageable and fun.

Tips To Look After Twins Together

It’s always less time-consuming and better to take care of twins simultaneously rather than one by one. Taking help from your partner, family, or house help also helps make the tasks easier. Here are some tips to help you set a routine:

  • Focusing on setting the same feeding and sleeping routine for your twins is the first step towards making some time for yourself. Otherwise, you will find yourself occupied with your babies all day long. Ensure their sleeping schedules are identical, even if your twins are not! 

  • Twin feeding pillows are perfect for feeding your kids together. Consulting your pediatrician before setting up any routine for your twins, whether for sleeping or feeding, is crucial. 

  • Additionally, noting down your twins’ feeding and sleeping schedules, as well as the number of diapers they consume, will make taking care of them more manageable. 

  • Before giving your babies a bath, plan ahead and have their clothes, towels, and diapers laid out on your bed already to make the process more efficient. 

  • A double stroller is necessary to take your twins out, rather than carrying one at all times. It will also help fit your babies’ necessities, like bottles and diapers if you are out for a long time.

  • Joining a twins mom group, whether online or in-person, is an excellent idea. You will learn from real-life experiences and struggles and also get to know strategies that will help you deal better. 


  • You don’t need to spend too much money buying everything twice, since your children can share toys and clothing. Gender-neutral clothes will make sharing between both genders possible. 

How To Put Your Twins to Sleep Together?

Thinking about making your twins sleep together sounds pretty straightforward; however, in reality, it can be a great challenge. The best way is to set a routine by doing a specific activity before trying to make them sleep so that they get used to it. Some examples are:

  •   Swaddling them in their cribs

  •   Taking them out for a stroll in the walker

  •   Playing specific nursery rhymes

  •   Setting the mood by dim lights and reading a storybook to them

What Should You Do If Only One Baby Is Ready To Nap?

Syncing your twins’ sleep schedule will help you spare time so that you can focus on other activities. Here are some pointers to keep in mind if your twins have different sleep cycles:

  •   Even if one baby is ready to nap and the other isn’t, let the sleepy baby sleep, and in the meantime, try to make the other baby sleepy by inducing sleep through rest or rocking back and forth
  •   If one baby sleeps after the other, don’t wake them up at the same time. Instead, let both babies get enough sleep.
  •   Make sure your babies nap the same amount of times. For example, don’t let one baby sleep twice the entire day and the other one thrice.

For more workable tips to help your babies sleep at the same time check: How to make twins sleep together

Feeding Strategies For Twins

Feeding your babies together will help save time and make your life easier. However, if they aren’t getting hungry at the same time, that is also fine. Don’t force it too much. They will sync together eventually.

Tandem Feeding

It means feeding both babies simultaneously and can be made possible by using a double nursing pillow. If one baby isn’t comfortable breastfeeding, consider ways that you can encourage him to breastfeed. If the baby still does not seem receptive, you can always turn towards bottle feeding. 

Pumping and Bottle Feeding

Pumping milk into bottles will ensure that the twins are getting sufficient and equal amounts of milk, as you can physically keep a check on it. Explore how to pump and store breast milk for your babies.

Scheduling Feedings

Setting a feeding schedule will help you keep track as you’ll know when your twins are about to get hungry. You can manage other tasks accordingly, and this will also help your babies develop the habit of getting fed together.

Burping after Feeding

Don’t forget to make each of your babies burp every time after being fed. Otherwise, they may feel uncomfortable from any air they might have swallowed during feeding.

Combination Feeding

Combination feeding involves mixing formula milk with breast milk. In case you’re struggling with producing enough milk for two babies or if one of the babies is having trouble sucking breast milk, this can be a solution. It will reduce any anxiety associated with feeding and help the babies get the required nutrition. However, it is necessary to consult your pediatrician before making any changes.

Last Thoughts

Nothing is impossible, especially not taking care of your twins together. Mothers are not short of super-women who perform the miracle of birthing babies and raising them, even if they have one baby or more. Remember, getting help from your partner, family, or a nanny doesn’t make you a bad mom. A mother’s mental health and physical health is also essential. If you aren’t charged yourself, you won’t be able to give your babies a hundred percent of your love and effort.

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