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How To Get Your Kids to Love Nature

In today’s age, with the advancement of technology and access to more indoor activities, most people have become somewhat distant from nature. As parents, we are always on the lookout to improve the mental and physical health of our children. 

What better way than to get your child to love nature? 

Nature is, without a doubt, the best nurturer and healer. Several studies have been conducted that indicate the immense positive impact on our well-being if we regularly spend time in nature. Let’s explore some simple tips to encourage your child to be kinder and more fond of nature. 

Benefits of Nature for You and Your Kids

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Taking out time to spend in nature can have great advantages for you. Here are a few of the key benefits nature can bring to you and your child:

  • Enhances happy hormones in your body (endorphins and dopamine) 
  • Promotes relaxation and calmness 
  • Increases your ability to concentrate and focus
  • Reduces sadness and symptoms of depression
  • Lowers your stress and cortisol levels 
  • Improves your energy 
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Helps you connect with the community 

Tips To Get Your Child to Love Nature

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From spending time in nature to learn more about how to take care of the environment, here are some top ways you can make your child fall in love with nature.

Getting Your Kids to Go Outdoors

As simple as it sounds, but may be challenging to do consistently. Encourage you and your family to take out a few minutes each day or every other day to get one with nature, whether it is taking a stroll around a neighborhood park or sitting in your own backyard. Be regular and persistent in gaining the maximum goodness nature has to offer. Check out the local outdoor family activities that are taking place in your area, and go soak in some sunshine!

Read ‘Green’ Books

A great way to make your children learn more about nature and its various miracles is to invest in some ‘green’ books. Visit your local library or bookshop and explore some of the best books about nature and life. Alternatively, you can also check out these informative yet enjoyable books about nature online before purchasing and reading them along with your kids. 

Nature-Inspired Home Items

Invest in some nature-inspired and environment-friendly household items to create awareness in your children. Including easy-to-maintain indoor plants or shrubs is a perfect example of adding a touch of nature to your home and making your children appreciate nature. 

It will bring a relaxing and soothing effect to the interior of your space. Moreover, adding small details that remind you of nature, like pinecones or seashells, is an excellent way to enhance the aesthetics. 

Outdoor Family Traditions

Gather all the members of your family and set out some much-needed traditions revolving around nature. From going to a family picnic or barbeque at your nearest lake or spending a weekend camping, create fun activities that you can turn into a family tradition that you can pass on to your child and the next generation. Struggling to think of ideas? Check out these family traditions and game ideas that involve nature.

Clean-Up Drives

Most areas have frequent clean-up drives in the neighborhood, such as cleaning up the beach or community park. Many of these drives are focused on your child to make them learn about the importance of being environmentally-friendly and keeping our surroundings clean. Volunteering for such activity is not just the perfect way to be caring towards nature but also cultivate a sense of community and belonging in children. 

Get Your Kids Outdoors by Visiting A Local Farm

Make it a family trip to visit a local farm or farmer’s market and let your children explore the fresh produce. Encourage them to select their favorite fruits and vegetables and cook healthy meals together as a family. Let them observe the different kinds of varieties that are produced every season and emphasize the importance of using organic items and eating fresh to stay healthy.

Build A Garden with Your Child

Go one step further and let your children grow their own plants. If you have the outdoor area and the right weather conditions, this is an excellent approach to making your children grow fond of nature. Along with having an appreciation of nature, it teaches children how to be responsible and patient when they are taking care of growing seedlings. Explore some easy flowers and plants for your children to grow and let them have the experience they will cherish. 

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