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Nursery Theme Ideas

Are you worried about your baby arriving soon, with your nursery theme idea not decided yet? Don’t worry because we have all the information you may require to enjoy the process of setting up your baby’s nursery with your partner. Doing it as a bonding activity is always more fun and memorable, rather than getting it done by a designer.

Why Have a Nursery Theme?

Having a theme will make your decoration process much easier and faster. Here are a few reasons why deciding upon a nursery theme idea is helpful:

  • Coherence

Deciding on a specific theme helps create a unified and cohesive look for the room. Start by deciding on a theme will help you ensure you have all the elements required for the nursery, for example, the furniture, decoration, and wall color. You will be able to bring together a harmonious space.

  • Personalization

A theme will help you customize the nursery according to your preferences and taste. Having a theme that you personally love and connect with will make a nursery that reflects your style and personality.

  • Inspiration

Having a nursery theme idea in mind can inspire you for the rest of the room design and decor. A theme is like the initial stage that helps you figure out the rest of the colors and patterns that will blend in with the theme.  

  • Fun and Playfulness 

An element of playfulness and fun may be added to the nursery by having a theme, for example, a jungle theme. Having a fun theme will make the nursery more lively and cheerful for you and your baby to enjoy.

How To Come Up With the Perfect Nursery Theme?

Your baby’s nursery theme idea may be inspired by a plethora of things. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep in mind your own interests and hobbies. They might spark an idea that may be suitable for your nursery theme. It will also help your baby connect with you. For example, if you love nature, you might choose a forest or animal theme. Or, if you’re into sports, you can select a theme reflecting your favorite sports team.
  • When re-doing your child’s nursery as they grow up, Consider their child’s favorite cartoons or books, and derive a nursery theme around it. For example, a theme inspired by the settings and characters in Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan.
  • Many couples are into traveling and exploring new places, and it’s a great nursery theme idea. You can think of a theme inspired by your favorite city, for example, having a Parisian theme, with mini Eiffel Towers and French-inspired furniture and bedding.
  • Deriving inspiration from nature can help create the most calming themes. You can get inspiration from flowers, mountains, the ocean, the desert, etc. 
  • Selecting a color is the most straightforward theme to decide on. For instance, if you love a color combination such as blush pink and sky blue. The colors can be gender-neutral if you do not wish to go with the traditional ones.
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Nursery Theme Ideas

If you need more decoration ideas for your nursery, worry not! Here are some simple yet eye-catching nursery theme ideas that you can go with.

A Woodland Nursery Theme

A woodland theme is a common preference for nurseries. It features animals, trees, flowers, and natural textures. A color palette focused on browns and greens for the base is used, with decorations like forest-related stuffed toys, tree wall decals, and nature-related prints for furniture.

A Nautical Nursery Theme

A nautical theme is another attractive choice, featuring ocean-inspired elements like pirates, sailboats, and seashells. The color palette will be blues and whites, with décor items like a boat-type crib and bedding, along with maybe a rope lamp and a fish cot mobile.

A Safari Nursery Theme

A safari theme is a fun and playful choice for a nursery. The key featuring elements are jungle animals like lions and elephants, along with lush greenery and landscape. You could use a color palette of greens and yellows, and include décor items like a giraffe growth chart, animal prints on the walls, and a plush monkey toy.

Image by Shaun Palmer from Pixabay

An Outer Space Nursery Theme

An outer space theme featuring the planets and astronauts can be a great inspiration for your baby, who may grow up to love the stars and planets. A color palette of dark purple and blues with twinkling stars will create an aesthetic look for the nursery. Include decorations like a constellation mural, glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on the ceiling, and a rocket or sun and moon mobile.

A Bohemian Nursery Theme

A bohemian theme is a lively and colorful idea. It will feature elements like bold prints, fringe, and natural materials. A color palette of warm pinks and oranges can be used to achieve the look. Decoration items can include woven rugs, a macrame wall hanging, and a dreamcatcher above the crib.

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