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Nursery Trends 2021

If you want to truly enjoy Baby Nursery Trends 2021, you need to think about the year 2020. The year 2020 was an extraordinary one; it was a testament of human spirit and resilience. And though the new year didn’t put an end to the altered reality overnight, it did put things into perspective. It made us realize that change – no matter how unwelcomed, unnatural and abrupt – is inevitable. And that despite everything we lost to the pandemic – lives, time, livelihoods and memories that could’ve been – Life Goes On.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that quarantine life was a revelation in many ways. It took us being locked up in our homes to find the beauty in its banalities. The pandemic gave us the opportunity to turn our homes into sanctuaries. It taught us to truly appreciate how, despite the chaos that raged outside, our homes always welcomed us with open arms. But being stuck indoors also somehow gave us the opportunity to reciprocate the love. We could finally turn all those DIY and upcycling pins populating our Pinterest boards into a reality. We could turn our houses into homes.

It Wasn’t All Bad

Being stuck indoors resulted in another, rather happy, outcome… the Covid-19 Baby Boom. Amidst all the doom and gloom of the pandemic, for many people, baby news came as a much-needed reminder to celebrate life. And what better way to celebrate life than to welcome it into a home that has been curated with love that withstood a global pandemic, and a newfound appreciation for the place we call home. Nurseries for babies born post-pandemic will be unlike those of their predecessors. These nurseries would not only beckon a new beginning, but also pay homage to and celebrate the former, a more carefree world. Here are our top nursery trends 2021…


Wholesome Nest Nursery Trends 2021

Besides a newfound appreciation for our homes, the pandemic also gave us the opportunity to spend more time decluttering and keeping our homes cleaner than they’ve ever been. However, new parents don’t have the luxury to “Marie Kondo a room”. They are sleep deprived and crunched for time. So when planning the interiors of the new baby’s room, many parents would now try to keep things as practical, functional and low-maintenance as possible.

Don’t get us wrong, aesthetics are important. However, nothing is more important than keeping the new baby’s room germ-free and safe. So when it comes to room curtains, chairs, canopies and rugs, a popular baby room trend will be a preference for kid-friendly performance fabrics that can resist stains and dust, and are easier to clean.

Environment-Friendly Fabrics

Another angle of nursery-planning that many people didn’t pay much attention to before – but do now – is the environment, which is our next nursery trend of 2021. Among other things, the pandemic has made us more appreciative of the planet and its limited resources. This has pushed many of us to become more environmentally-conscious. This new consciousness has translated into a lot of people opting for eco-friendly fabrics that are sturdy and easy-to-clean. 

Other things that many people would now be looking out for is to see whether the materials are Carbon neutral, if they were produced consciously, and if they have all the required certifications. Synthetic fibers will also a popular choice since they last much longer. They also won’t end up in the landfill by the time the new-born starts going to school.

Holiday Hues

Wholesome Nest Nursery Decor nursery trend
Source: Brett Wood for Architectural Digest

Needless to say, cancelled flights and suspended bookings are still at the back of the minds of many. Holiday blues will expectedly translate into the décor of a space that is supposed to reflect new hopes and dreams. And, as a result, in nursery trends 2021.

Jungle theme nursery trend
Source: Cline Rose Designs

When it comes to nurseries, expect to see a lot of open spaces, with a lot of light and energy. Since exploring the outdoors is still somewhat a luxury, natural flooring, with lots of macramé and rattan would be a popular choice. Expect to see the baby rooms recreate a sense of escape. Nursery trends 2021 might boast Coastal or Bali vibes, made possible with murals, wallpapers and artistic frames. Statement walls are an instantaneous way of changing the complete outlook of a room.  While not the same, this is a quick fix for new parents who can’t go out any time soon.

Color Away The Chaos

Children have always been synonymous with vibrancy, playfulness and bright colors; interestingly, baby rooms have mostly been dominated by pastels. And while many to-be parents would still opt for the conventional pastel color scheme, there would be several others who would dare to be different.

Earthy baby nursery
Source: Bri Williams/Instagram
Earthy shades

This is, once again, an attempt to incorporate the outdoors into our indoor living spaces. Color shades that are typically found in nature add a certain level of natural comfort into the space. Earthy colors can easily be incorporated into a baby-friendly living space. They can give an aesthetic, handcrafted look, and also go well with nature-based, wild-life and safari themes.

Neutral Baby Room Decor Ideas
Source: Melanie & Austin Montierth/Instagram
 Shades of the Forest

Besides creating a space that feels close to nature, incorporating green in a baby’s nursery gives it a calming effect. Often thought to represent tranquility, good fortune and health, a lot of decorators use green because of how relaxing it feels.

Purple nursery decorating
Source: Jeanne Campana Design
Pastel Power

And finally, the classic – Pastels. When trying to create a fantastical space for your newborn, you can’t go wrong with the power of pastel colors. However, unlike the popular pastels of the past, like baby blue and powder pink, nursery trends 2021 might favor lilacs, soft yellows and muted greens.

For The Love of Less

Neutral Baby Nursery decor Nursery Trend
Source: The Global Villa

Call it the desire to keep it simple, or the need to keep it clean, many people will opt for minimalist decors that focus on less which is our next nursery trend of 2021. But less doesn’t have to be dull or boring. The biggest advantage of a minimalist theme is that the clean lines, pale walls and neutral textures can easily be adapted into the room’s décor as the child grows older, and develops their individual taste.

An understated theme doesn’t always have to come at the cost of comfort or creativity. It is perfectly possible to create a lovely living space that is clean, creative and comfortable. Hence, we expect to see many people opt for nursery designs that are inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge – creating clean spaces that are comfortable and cozy. And that is also why many nurseries designs this year would be bright, light, have clean wooden finishes and organic colors.

Indoor Adventures

In order to give the new-born an environment that evokes in them a love for the outdoors, there are two ways of going about it. You can either decorate the space to be a baby gymnasium, or design it to recreate a sense of virtual travel. No matter which route one takes, the objective is the same. You want to expose the child to a world full of self-exploration, adventure and wonder. From slides, World Map wallpapers, race-track circuit rugs to a DIY adventure wall, there is never a dearth of ideas to make a nursery a fun and adventurous space for the little person who is eager to be energized and educated.


Creative Baby Room Decor Ideas and Nursery Trends
Source: CWI.Design

While not entirely practical, canopies are a favored fixture in nurseries for various reasons. First, they give the baby a sense of a private, protected space. Besides that, as they grow older, the canopies quickly evolve into protective hiding spots and imaginative reading nooks.

sunny Statements

DIY Baby Room Ideas
Source: Rocky Mountain Decals

This might seem too simplistic to some, but using the Sun (or derivative designs) to beckon a new life into the world seems like the apt thing to do. The Sun has always been a symbol of new beginnings, a fresh start, and the dawn of a new era. That alone fills one up with such positivity, that everything – from pandemics to baby blues – seems conquerable. It doesn’t have to be golden, or yellow or even orange; just the imagery as part of a mural or a flooring would do the job. The beauty of the Sun is that it is such a dynamic design element that it can be played into almost any color palette.

Welcoming the New with The Old

Wholesome Nest Neutral Baby Room Nursery Trend 2021
Source: Alexis Alana Photography for HGTV

We anticipate vintage designs – in the form of techniques, décor and furniture – making a surprise appearance in baby nurseries this year. It may be because the quarantine resulted in a lot of spring cleaning. Perhaps we spent a lot of time thinking about the past, but lately a lot of us have been feeling a bit too nostalgic to help ourselves.

While cleaning up attics and getting rid of those old cartons, many people found things from their childhood. Some found sentimental keepsakes that they would want to make a part of their children’s nurseries, others an antique piece of furniture. Many came across old pictures and felt inspired. Regardless of the sentimentality associated with it, when incorporated with soft color palettes, vintage designs can look extremely aesthetic. Nursery trends 2021 would love this newfound love for everything old.

There are obviously several ideas out there that will be more favored than others. The beauty of planning and decorating a baby nursery is that it is done at a time when one is optimistic about the future. So while there are suggestions, there is no rule book when designing a living space for a child. The only rule is to fill it with love and comfort, and to remain optimistic about the future for as long as you can. 

Happy nesting!

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