How to Soothe Your Teething Baby the Natural Way

Hello fellow parents! Isn’t it fascinating how fast babies grow up? Teething is a challenging transitional phase that needs to be dealt with utmost care. But don’t worry! We know it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, but you’ll get through it with our practical guidelines. Teething is the phase where tiny teeth start growing through the baby’s gums, and it’s natural for them to feel uncomfortable and irritated.

Let’s discuss some natural teething solutions that help soothe and calm your baby and are also organic and eco-friendly. Chew on the following information, as it’s all you need to know!

Getting to Know Teething

We’re sure you must’ve taken note of your little one’s teeth development by now! Usually, it begins when they’re around six months old. However, every baby’s teeth grow at their own pace, so be patient if your little one hasn’t started showing the little white cones yet. Teething also includes swelling of the gums, drooling, cranky behavior, and the urge to chew whatever comes in the baby’s way. Don’t stress about it much, as it’s a natural part of growing up and will be over before you know it!

Going Natural: The Way to Go!

You must’ve come across multiple products varying from teething gels to medications for your baby, but we understand if you’re not comfortable experimenting with such products. For the most part, our constant struggle to be eco-friendly is another reason that steers us away from using these products, and natural remedies are always healthier, as they have no side effects. Hence, let’s discuss some natural teething solutions that are entirely safe and eco-friendly. 

Chilled Teethers 

Imagine your baby chomping on something as harmless and sustainable as a chilled teether. There is no chemical infusion, only natural materials like silicone and rubber. Remember to chill them in the fridge.and not the freezer, or it may be too cold for your baby to be comfortable with. The cooling effect will help soothe your little one’s gums and provide relief from discomfort and crankiness. Just make sure the teethers are BPA-free to ensure it’s safe for your little chewer. 

Cold Washcloth 

If you have washcloths lying around in your household, why not make them useful for something better? Simply dampen a clean washcloth with cool water and put it in the fridge for some time, and tada! – you just created a homemade teether alternative at home. The subtle coolness and soft material of the washcloth are completely safe and effective for your baby to chew on and provide instant relief from all the discomfort. 

Herbal Teething Gels

Let’s be cautious when it comes to gels and such. But have you heard about herbal teething gels? They’re made with soothing herbs like chamomile and clove, which can gently ease your baby’s pain. However, do check with your pediatrician first, but it’s worth considering this natural alternative!

Breastfeeding and Cuddle Time 

Sometimes, the perfect solution is just cuddling with your little one and spending some quality time! It will distract the baby from the discomfort that they might be feeling. Cuddling and stress release actually has science behind it and provides reassurance and support to the baby. Moreover, breastfeeding won’t only help the baby, but it will also strengthen your bond and make some wholesome memories to cherish once the baby grows up. A mother’s soothing hormones and the relaxing motherly aroma are, at times, only what a baby needs to calm down and relax. 

Teething Biscuits and Frozen Fruits 

Some babies are foodies from a young age; they enjoy munching on food. Teething biscuits are an alternative remedy for them, as these aren’t only organic but also delicious. Your baby can enjoy a tasty snack while getting relief from any pain. An even healthier idea is giving your baby chilled fruit slices through a mesh feeder. The mesh will strain only enough fruit to keep your baby gnawing at it for a long time. This way, you can also add new nutrients and flavors to your baby’s diet.  

Being a Sustainable Teether

Since we are discussing raising our babies’ sustainability, why not take a moment to reflect on our life, and aim to be sustainable parents? This is an added bonus to your baby’s little teething adventure! 

Eco-Friendly Teethers and Toys 

Opt for toys and teethers produced from recyclable materials, like natural rubber, responsibly sourced wood, and clothes or toys made from organic cotton, natural rubber, or responsibly sourced wood. Say a big no to plastic toys. Those aren’t only hazardous for your baby’s health and harm the environment. 

Cloth Wipes & Diapers

Sometimes teething goes beyond just gum discomfort. It might also mean more drooling and diaper changes. Hence, opt for cloth wipes and diapers to minimize waste, as those are reusable. 

DIY Magic

If you’re a creative parent, unleash your hidden DIY talent! Making frozen fruit puree in fun-shaped ice cube trays is the way to go. You can even make organic teething gels from beneficial herbs at home. Homemade is not only safe but also fun! 

Teething may be a stressful time for your baby as well as you. But you can make it easier by using organic remedies that are much more suitable for our little munchkins. Tiny steps towards being eco-friendly right now will have a more significant impact on your baby and the planet tomorrow.

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