Tips To Create An Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery In 2023​

One of the most exciting activities that most mothers-to-be look forward to is decorating the baby’s room or nursery. The whole process feels nothing short of an adventure. Of course, everything has to be perfect from the choice of furniture to accessories, toys to the color scheme. 

Whether you are a first-time mother or not, building a nursery from scratch or renovating an old one, a major aspect that must be on your mind is to ensure the safety of your child. But have you thought about keeping it safe as well as eco-friendly?

Going green may not only be beneficial for the environment but for your baby as well. As the key is to limit the use of toxic materials, using eco-friendly and sustainable products or items makes the environment healthier for you and your baby. 

It might sound all fancy and complicated (even heavy on the pocket) at the start, but you would be pleasantly surprised by how easy it could be. In this blog, we have highlighted a few simple and doable tips for creating a safe and eco-friendly space for your little one. Let’s dive right in then, shall we?

Selecting Non-Toxic Paint for Your Eco-Friendly Nursery


If you are one of those moms who like to keep everything planned, chances are you have already decided on a color scheme for the baby’s room. Painting the walls your desired shade thus may be the most crucial factor in following a theme. Regardless of the choice of the color that you select, most commercial paints emit fumes that can be highly toxic to your baby’s overall health. 

To ensure the environment is as healthy as possible, opt for paint brands such as AFM Safe Coat, which produces natural and water-based paints. The paints should be free of (or have very low quantities) volatile organic compounds or VOCs in order to maintain the quality of air.

Eco-Friendly Nursery Furniture Options

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When it comes to furniture, words or phrases like stylish, durable, sturdy, and easy-to-assemble may be the first few that might come to your mind. Like most people, it might seem convenient to choose a ready-to-assemble crib and other furniture, such as cupboards and changing tables, for your nursery.

However, the majority of these pieces may be made from highly harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, especially furniture made from plywood. Instead, go for furniture that is made from solid wood, which has zero formaldehyde, or read the labels carefully to select pieces that are created from materials with low quantities of formaldehyde. It may cost you more, but it will prove to be beneficial health-wise in the long run.

Organic Bedding Alternatives

Throughout the months as your baby grows, their sleeping patterns will continue to shift. It is necessary that the mattress or bedding that you choose is comfortable so that your baby can sleep soundly.

Along with offering comfort, many mattress manufacturing companies have introduced sustainable organic collections of bedding to reduce the harmful fumes that regular mattresses may exude over time. Natural and non-toxic crib mattresses from Avocado may be a great choice which are handmade using material such as organic cotton and wool. And consider eco-friendly crib sheets too.

Breathable and Natural Fabrics

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There is no doubt that textile manufacturing involves the use of some heavy and toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde, harmful metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc. Whether it’s the cute printed curtains or textured cloth for the sofa, be cautious when it comes to chemically treated fabrics. 

A safer alternative would be to select natural and sustainable fabrics, ideally having a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. Fabrics made from cycled cotton, natural flax, and organic linen may become your new go-green favorites, while materials such as nylon, silk, and polyester may be a hard pass.

Choosing Green Toys for Your Baby


You definitely want to invest in toys, for a baby’s room would be incomplete without them. In addition to their functional purposes of providing entertainment as well as education, toys are a great way to decorate the room. 

Most toddlers have a habit of putting everything in their mouths that they accidentally find lying around. Many toys, especially the ones made from plastic, may contain dangerous substances such as lead or phthalates. So in order to protect them from any hazards, it is essential to choose safe and non-toxic baby toys in the first place.

Safe Baby Essentials & Accessories

The nursery will also likely have all the essential items along with accessories that you require to take good care of your baby. The list of things may seem endless, from feeding bottles and diapers to baby shampoos. The key is to stick to natural and organic ingredients and avoid products that contain some of the major toxic components such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, BPA, PVC, flame retardants, etc. Here are some of the best eco-friendly baby products to consider buying.

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