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Hello, I’m Loni Brown and I'm passionate about helping mamas live a healthier, more fulfilled life without overwhelm!


Our mission at Wholesome Nest is to help families live a healthier, longer life in a home they love.
We help people, who identify as a mom, create kid-friendly homes that are toxin-free, organized and beautiful without overwhelm. 

Our clients go from feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with creating a safe and healthy baby environment to one they call an interior safe haven that’s beautiful, has better indoor air quality and is safer. Your baby deserves a home environment that’s healthy and nurtures their development. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort, style or your sanity to create a wholesome home!
We offer both group support and private one on one coaching and consulting services related to having a healthier home and reducing overwhelm in motherhood: (home detoxing, decluttering, decorating, baby registry development, product recommendations and mama mindfulness.)


Helping busy, overwhelmed moms declutter and detox their homes and lives WITHOUT sacrificing their goals, family or their sanity – GUILT-FREE!

It’s time we normalize taking care of ourselves in motherhood!

Here are some of my credentials:

Certified Interior Decorator
Professional Organizer
Toxins Expert (Building Biology)
Holistic Coach Specializing in Motherhood
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A Community of Mamas

We are building a community of Wholesome Mamas who want to create healthy home interiors for their families without sacrificing design style or quality.

A wholesome home is a healthy home; from the furnishings and decor to the kitchen and bath essentials, holistic and eco-friendly practices are prioritized. Our homes should nurture our wellbeing and help us rest, restore and thrive.

Wholesome Nest was born to provide expert advice and everyday mama inspiration from pregnancy and beyond. Our inspiring community of mamas chooses to take control of our lives and make informed choices that foster a lifetime of health for our families.

Our educational and inspirational content includes healthy pregnancy and birth, baby registry, baby nursery, nursery / home decorating, product guides, real-life prenatal and postpartum stories and SO MUCH MORE!

We’re on a mission to helping families reduce their overall toxin exposure at home and uplift and inspire them to create truly healthy, beautiful homes. 

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We Value

  • Reducing toxins and chemicals at home

  • Choosing eco-friendly, organic, natural products whenever possible

  • Reducing plastic and synthetic materials

  • Recycling, Upcycling, Repurposing

  • Daily mindfulness

  • Prioritizing ourselves

  • Living a guilt-free motherhood

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

We appreciate you and are honored to be able to support and connect with you.

Please share our site with someone you think will benefit from our content, services, and products.

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